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Dear Ex – At Least I’m Not Bitter

23 Apr

Bloody Heart

An oldie, but still a goodie…

Dear Ex,

You’re a coward who couldn’t be honest enough with me to tell me it was over and you had a new girlfriend. You still came over to have sex with me until you knew it was going to work out between the 2 of you and then you dropped me like a piece of shit stuck to the bottom of your shoe. At first, I fantasized about cutting off your balls and feeding them to my dogs, but then I remembered you didn’t have any balls. It’s just as well because I wouldn’t want to poison my poor dogs. Then I thought about trashing your precious car – slicing your tires, scratching the paint, etc. but realized how childish (and a little psycho) this was. Besides, I didn’t want to go to jail because I’m pretty sure you’d know it was me. At least I’m not bitter.

Unfortunately, the two of you share your little love nest in a dive apartment that just happens to be on my route to work, so I’m forced to see it every single day. However, this also provides me the opportunity to wish you dead every time I go by. Maybe my evil spell will work one day. Okay, at least I’m not bitter.

Maybe if you had given me the opportunity to have my say by having the courtesy of telling me about your new relationship yourself instead of hearing it from your Mother, I’d feel some closure. I think that’s what’s most difficult. I need closure. I need to tell you how you “ended it” was shitty and I deserved more than that after 4 fucking years. I know I need to get past all this and I’m certainly doing much better. I really do know that you were an asshole from the start and I’m much better than you.  Oh, and by the way, you suck and I hope you get a painful STD and your dick falls off. Well, at least I’m not bitter 🙂


Better Than You

© Susan Barton 2013

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