Women Rise Up!

20 Apr

Women's Suffrage

Okay sister, listen up.
I’ll only say this once.
If every woman were to lay down
and give up
where would we be?
No right to vote.
No right to choose.
No rights at all.
I know your life’s been harsh.
You’ve been beat down.
I’ve been there too.
Rise up and be angry.
Challenge every unkind word,
slap and blow suffered at the hands of man.
For every unjust act.
Fight back.
Put down the diet pills, padded bras,
wrinkle creams,
and be you.
Not some distorted view
of someone who
has no clue
of what you’ve been through.
Challenge your mothers, sisters,
and most importantly your daughters
to stand up and be heard.
If not for you, then for them.
So that someday things might be better,
easier, safer, unbiased
and equal.

© Susan Barton 2013


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